Friday, 14 August 2015

My return to Scotland - Greenbank Gardens

The following pictures are from my return trip back to Glasgow after being away for two years!!!

Greenbank gardens, is a national park located n the east Refrewshire, Soutside( this is what my mum always called it), more suburban area of Glasgow. Its in between, Newton Mearns and Clarkston, which are 2 neighborhoods that i grew up in. Nowadays, the gardens are used for events like weddings and such. It is not the most popular park to come visit though, its fairly small, and known more for the green bank house, than the gardens itself. Plus, as a tourist, its a little out of the way, and unless you are driving, or walk quite a distance from a bus stop , t will be quite hard to reach.

Lot's to see there though, including horses, beautiful gardens all separated with topiary hedges like almost Fairy Tale. There is a huge greenhouse at the back, and all the plants have little labels on them , which i don't know why... but i always found these interesting! Also at the back there is something of a swamp. Its hard to find on return visits, as the gardens itself are difficult to navigate around, they all look similar except for a centerpiece (in most of them)

You will see one, with a statue/fountain, I love it! It seems so random and misplaced, to have it there, and yet such a surprise to new visitors.

Enjoy the pics!

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