Friday, 17 July 2015

Back To Glasgow!

Hello All,

I have been living in Tel Aviv for the past two years, on Thursday this week (Thursday 23rd july 2015) I will return to Glasgow, for two weeks. Thought I would keep my blog on Scotland updated . This time round i will have  a smartphone! And instagram! I plan to take LOTS of pictures and eat out lots, and maybe start writing more about the lifestyle there. I have not written much of this blog from my own personal side, in a first person perspective so I thought that seeing as this is a restart , let us try from a different angle. Hopefully this blog one day will help people out, who are coming to Glasgow to travel to live temporarily maybe as a student , or to move there. Whenever I go back I feel like a tourist the first few days and then I feel right at home again. It will be even less than two weeks, a jam-packed two weeks, with a wedding, catching up with friends, spending time with my mum, visiting old places , and LOTS of shopping. i keep telling my mum on the phone that this is more of a shopping trip than anything else! Hopefully I will try and squeeze in  a day in Edinburgh too. I leave on the 6th and the Edinburgh festival is only for the month of august, so hopefully i can fit it all in and not just lounge around my mums house for two weeks!

Last but by no means least, here is a picture of a scottie cat! I would love to finally get a pet of my own someday, regardless of what side of the earth i am livng on, but being from Scotland this would be my choice. I have heard they are sometimes quite snappy and grumpy, but I hope that if i get one as a kitten i could change that! Also , I would like to add, that all the pictures up until now were taken from google images. I was a lot more naive when I started this blog, didn't have any idea about what is right and wrong to take. (not to mention a limited amount of common sense!) So from now on after the cat pic, I will only be using my own pictures.


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