Wednesday, 20 February 2013

The Flower of Scotland

The Flower of Scotland is a very popular song and a favourite at events such as Hogmanay(our word for new years) and also at football games, as well as other celebratory events. However, the song itself is Gaelic originally and relates to many different tales of history.

The real flowers of Scotland in my opinion , I prefer to relate to them as our localised beauty spots. Below are a list of suggestions, places that a visitor , or a tourist of Glasgow would undoubtedly want to see whilst enjoying their stay, and definitely something not to miss out on. Our nature is definitely something which we pride upon, and also something which should be appreciated.

Rouken Glen
Recently , in this local park, they had a week long event where the waterfall and the pond was lit up at night with bright glowing lights and story tellers to entertain the visitors of the evening. It was a shame that it only lasted a week, if this was something on more frequent then it would be unbelievably popular, no doubt about it! The park is extremely popular during the summer, with families out for the day in the larger patches of grass, and about a ten minutes walk from the main pond you can get to a large playground . In addition to this , there is a "rose garden " with amazing beautiful flowers to admire, a garden centre, which spoils you for choice in the festive season, as well as two restaurants, and lastly a small pet shop. I went there almost every weekend when i was a child, and it was most definitely one of my highlights as a kid. Definitely worth a visit, especially in  the warmer weather, you will be missing out greatly if you don't! 

Botanic Gardens

From personal experiences , again well worth a visit, but definitely a bit more of an afternoon to kill whilst enjoying the west end , as opposed to a sunny day out. With limited walking around to do, this park is more of a "tick off the list" as opposed to the other ones. A beautiful conservatory with amazing plants and flowers are one of the attractions, and if you happen to be there on a day when everything is available to the park , then you should be able to visit the other ones too, although from the past visits, there is only ever the larger "kibble" conservatory for me to pop into. Still some amazing views, and you will definitely take some exquisite pictures.Something to tell people about back home at least anyway.

Greenbank Gardens 

Your pictures will all look like postcards from paying a visit to these gardens. Not at all coming under the category of a park, but definitely nature at its best. The house in the picture above is usually closed off to the public, although by calling in advance, especially in large tours, the option to go inside might be available. This location is south-side of Glasgow  located off a busy road and then through a field. Well maintained and amazing to visit, with several little gardens separated with almost topiary like hedges and then a strange pond/marshland type boxed in thing at the back. Really something to definitely see with your own eyes and again, a re-visit when and if you return to Scotland.
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Pollock House Country Gardens

Only one comparison icon springs to mind when i visited the back garden here, for the first time after a long time, and that was the Queen of Hearts' Back Garden from Alice in wonderland, especially with Cloudy sky, like this image. The house itself is usually used for events such as weddings , and especially popular in the summer months. The park is also home to some highland cattle, the Burrell collection museum and also some other gardens but you will need to wander a while to find them. 

These are focused on the main central areas, particularly the south-side of Glasgow, apart from Botanic Gardens located in the West End of the town. In the future i hope to expand on this and discuss a wider range of nature areas within the whole of Scotland and not just glasgow, as well as other cities. 


  1. Hi,
    I love your blog, It would be great if your pictures were larger though, as its hard to see some of them. The Pollock House Country Gardens looks so beautiful! x

  2. Thank you! I only saw your comment now because I forget about it a lot! I am returning back to scotland next week after being away for two years so i will start again. The pictures I have used up until now were just from google images. When i return home I now have instagram so i will take my own pictures and hopefully they will be just as good, if not better! :D Thanks for reading by the way, I really only started because I was bored and wanted to try blogging, but its nice to hear from someone else!