Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The Beauty of Glasgow

I am trying to focus more on Glasgow in recent posts as it is my city , and in the future I will be discussing more about other areas of Scotland. In the meantime... I am going to tell you all about Glasgow and Beauty, Hairdressing, and Treatments.

A few recommendations firstly, from an earlier blog i mentioned localised trends within the UK, i.e.. scouse-brow etc.  This in now way should effect the Glasgow Beauty Spot. its trending definitely  but by no means a way to pamper yourself. So here are some truly pampering suggestions and recommendations for where to visit when your visiting Glasgow, to make the most of your time here.

Hairdressing - 
The Rainbow Room at George Square. There are several Rainbow rooms located in the Glasgow area, but if your going to splash out (and your going to be splashing out for these prices) then you should be going to the biggest and the best one. Located at the top of George Square, this salon offers great cuts, and depending on the Quality of Hairdresser that you want, ill depend on how much you are going to pay. Hairdressing definitely doesn't come cheap in Glasgow , if you are wanting it well done.Expect to be paying at least £40 for some basic treatment

Beauty Treatments - 

Waxing - 
Designer Waxing  - Hope Street, city centre. Again, a little overpriced, but you will get what you pay for , which is a guaranteed good waxing treatment for every visit, and reliability at every visit, no messing you round, no delays, just need to pop in and make an appointment, and in some circumstances they will take you there and then!Go on their website for a full price list.


Savannah is a great choice if your looking for splashing out and spoiling yourself, especially if your in Glasgow for an event such as a hen party or celebration. Often they have deals on too, so check out wowcher and also 5pm is very helpful too. Definitely book in advance and check out their website for different types of facials, one that is catered to you! 


Nails is my personal favourite treatment to receive, what with not having to go through too much pain, not breaking the bank , and being able to talk all at the same time, it really doesn't have any down sides. Glasgow has a huge choice for Nail Salons, and again, 5pm and wowcher are ideal for hunting down some bargains. But most places are similar in price, it really just depends on where you are when you need a mani/pedi! 


So lastly, what will probably be the most indulgent is the Spa in the City. There are a huge selection of treatments on offer and if you are really wanting top notch, with a guaranteed wow factor, then this is the place to go. In my opinion , and with experience of working in the massage industry, when I pay for a massage I really do want to be impressed by technique. It helps to do your own research and think about what it is your looking for to meet your own needs. I would also recommend on spending a little more and getting them to use Oils on you, it will make it all the more enjoyable. 

In addition to all of these suggestions, and recommendations  for those who prefer to save the pennies, why not contact one of the colleges in Glasgow that offer Beauty Therapy Classes, and ask what treatments they offer, you will still get a treatment and for a fraction of the price!

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