Sunday, 3 February 2013

Glasgow Geisha

The term "Glasgow Geisha" is used mostly amongst the students and younger residents of my much beloved town. It relates to the caked up image so much that a face is almost painted on similar to the Geisha that walk in the Okiya in Japan. Not quite as elegant as the real ones but definitely just as glamorous , the Geisha of Glasgow lay it on thick.My friends and I used it as an almost slang term when we were younger , but now rather than being frowned upon , it seems to have caught up on as a trend, much like other UK cities have, such as the famous "scousebrow" in Liverpool (see pictures below) and the "Croyden facelift" which consists of a extremely tight ponytail, so scraped back that it supposedly gives the girl a facelift. I am not one to hide in the daylight myself covered in such heaving amounts of cover up, but I draw the line when the Talcum Powder comes out.Or at least, when going on facebook the following morning, looking over last nights pictures, and noticing my face getting more and more orange as the night went on from the increase in Bronzer applications... 

The Legendery "Scousebrow" (above)

"Croyden Facelift" (Below)

"Geisha" not Glaswegian

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