Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Fitness Glasgow Style

Ironically, Glasgow, Scotland even , is not known for being a healthy place in anyway. You can judge that based on the popular food choices I have mentioned in previous posts. So not the healthiest in terms of diet , but what happens to the fitness standards here? and what options will you have when visiting, or living here?
Explore a little and you will see, just like any city, we have marathons and gyms, and exercise classes, but out hill walking  is much more enjoyable for starters, what with amazing views (see below), Outdoor Ice Skating for many months is an option ,and what with Glasgow being a fast growing, modern metropolitan, cosmopolitan City  , there are endless amounts of weird and wonderful classes, such as baby yoga, and also of course, Zumba, fairly new to our nation at least anyway.

Hill walking

Two benefits from Hillwalking, getting fit and seeing beautiful views at the same time.Ben Nevis is definitely one of the most popular places to do hiking in Scotland, located in the western area of the highlands, you can get there by Bus or drive in a few hours. 

Ben Nevis , one of the most scenic places to see in Scotland, worldwide famous for the picturesque views. 


Zumba in Glasgow - Like any other activity in Glasgow, you could Google this and find out the majority of the information you need. What i would suggest though, is definitely shop around, you will get many different variations and see a few different strengths to the teachers, before you can decide where to go regularly, and which ones you can keep up with.


I joined "the gym" Glasgow, which is a 24 hour gym company, a few months back. Excellent choice , not just because of the 24 hours that its available, but the price too at £16 a month you really cannot complain. It doesn't offer all the frills, it literally is just the equipment. Of course there are several other gyms to pick from, there is Pure gym, similar to "the gym" but a bit more pricey , and the Greens gym, which is top notch, double the price, but classes, saunas, and yes all the frills.


 So as I previously mentioned, Baby Yoga is all the rage. There are a few problems with the idea of it, of course screaming babies is the number one problem that springs to mind, but that doesn't seem to effect the mothers here, its very popular. Also , if Exercise classes are your thing, there are "council gyms" which are actually more expesive than those no frill gyms, but they offer classes and swimming too, so they are a great option, and they offer classes like yoga and Spin Cycle too. http://www.glasgowlife.org.uk/sport/fitness-classes/Pages/fitness-class-timetable.aspx

Ice Skating

Ice Skating is available all year round, at East Kilbride shopping Centre, and also , the very Famous George Square, at Christmas Time. Much of it in the Festive spirit, and very popular , expect to be waiting in lines for a while before actually getting your skates on. 

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