Friday, 14 August 2015

My return to Scotland - Greenbank Gardens

The following pictures are from my return trip back to Glasgow after being away for two years!!!

Greenbank gardens, is a national park located n the east Refrewshire, Soutside( this is what my mum always called it), more suburban area of Glasgow. Its in between, Newton Mearns and Clarkston, which are 2 neighborhoods that i grew up in. Nowadays, the gardens are used for events like weddings and such. It is not the most popular park to come visit though, its fairly small, and known more for the green bank house, than the gardens itself. Plus, as a tourist, its a little out of the way, and unless you are driving, or walk quite a distance from a bus stop , t will be quite hard to reach.

Lot's to see there though, including horses, beautiful gardens all separated with topiary hedges like almost Fairy Tale. There is a huge greenhouse at the back, and all the plants have little labels on them , which i don't know why... but i always found these interesting! Also at the back there is something of a swamp. Its hard to find on return visits, as the gardens itself are difficult to navigate around, they all look similar except for a centerpiece (in most of them)

You will see one, with a statue/fountain, I love it! It seems so random and misplaced, to have it there, and yet such a surprise to new visitors.

Enjoy the pics!

Friday, 17 July 2015

Back To Glasgow!

Hello All,

I have been living in Tel Aviv for the past two years, on Thursday this week (Thursday 23rd july 2015) I will return to Glasgow, for two weeks. Thought I would keep my blog on Scotland updated . This time round i will have  a smartphone! And instagram! I plan to take LOTS of pictures and eat out lots, and maybe start writing more about the lifestyle there. I have not written much of this blog from my own personal side, in a first person perspective so I thought that seeing as this is a restart , let us try from a different angle. Hopefully this blog one day will help people out, who are coming to Glasgow to travel to live temporarily maybe as a student , or to move there. Whenever I go back I feel like a tourist the first few days and then I feel right at home again. It will be even less than two weeks, a jam-packed two weeks, with a wedding, catching up with friends, spending time with my mum, visiting old places , and LOTS of shopping. i keep telling my mum on the phone that this is more of a shopping trip than anything else! Hopefully I will try and squeeze in  a day in Edinburgh too. I leave on the 6th and the Edinburgh festival is only for the month of august, so hopefully i can fit it all in and not just lounge around my mums house for two weeks!

Last but by no means least, here is a picture of a scottie cat! I would love to finally get a pet of my own someday, regardless of what side of the earth i am livng on, but being from Scotland this would be my choice. I have heard they are sometimes quite snappy and grumpy, but I hope that if i get one as a kitten i could change that! Also , I would like to add, that all the pictures up until now were taken from google images. I was a lot more naive when I started this blog, didn't have any idea about what is right and wrong to take. (not to mention a limited amount of common sense!) So from now on after the cat pic, I will only be using my own pictures.


Wednesday, 20 February 2013

The Flower of Scotland

The Flower of Scotland is a very popular song and a favourite at events such as Hogmanay(our word for new years) and also at football games, as well as other celebratory events. However, the song itself is Gaelic originally and relates to many different tales of history.

The real flowers of Scotland in my opinion , I prefer to relate to them as our localised beauty spots. Below are a list of suggestions, places that a visitor , or a tourist of Glasgow would undoubtedly want to see whilst enjoying their stay, and definitely something not to miss out on. Our nature is definitely something which we pride upon, and also something which should be appreciated.

Rouken Glen
Recently , in this local park, they had a week long event where the waterfall and the pond was lit up at night with bright glowing lights and story tellers to entertain the visitors of the evening. It was a shame that it only lasted a week, if this was something on more frequent then it would be unbelievably popular, no doubt about it! The park is extremely popular during the summer, with families out for the day in the larger patches of grass, and about a ten minutes walk from the main pond you can get to a large playground . In addition to this , there is a "rose garden " with amazing beautiful flowers to admire, a garden centre, which spoils you for choice in the festive season, as well as two restaurants, and lastly a small pet shop. I went there almost every weekend when i was a child, and it was most definitely one of my highlights as a kid. Definitely worth a visit, especially in  the warmer weather, you will be missing out greatly if you don't! 

Botanic Gardens

From personal experiences , again well worth a visit, but definitely a bit more of an afternoon to kill whilst enjoying the west end , as opposed to a sunny day out. With limited walking around to do, this park is more of a "tick off the list" as opposed to the other ones. A beautiful conservatory with amazing plants and flowers are one of the attractions, and if you happen to be there on a day when everything is available to the park , then you should be able to visit the other ones too, although from the past visits, there is only ever the larger "kibble" conservatory for me to pop into. Still some amazing views, and you will definitely take some exquisite pictures.Something to tell people about back home at least anyway.

Greenbank Gardens 

Your pictures will all look like postcards from paying a visit to these gardens. Not at all coming under the category of a park, but definitely nature at its best. The house in the picture above is usually closed off to the public, although by calling in advance, especially in large tours, the option to go inside might be available. This location is south-side of Glasgow  located off a busy road and then through a field. Well maintained and amazing to visit, with several little gardens separated with almost topiary like hedges and then a strange pond/marshland type boxed in thing at the back. Really something to definitely see with your own eyes and again, a re-visit when and if you return to Scotland.
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Pollock House Country Gardens

Only one comparison icon springs to mind when i visited the back garden here, for the first time after a long time, and that was the Queen of Hearts' Back Garden from Alice in wonderland, especially with Cloudy sky, like this image. The house itself is usually used for events such as weddings , and especially popular in the summer months. The park is also home to some highland cattle, the Burrell collection museum and also some other gardens but you will need to wander a while to find them. 

These are focused on the main central areas, particularly the south-side of Glasgow, apart from Botanic Gardens located in the West End of the town. In the future i hope to expand on this and discuss a wider range of nature areas within the whole of Scotland and not just glasgow, as well as other cities. 

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The Beauty of Glasgow

I am trying to focus more on Glasgow in recent posts as it is my city , and in the future I will be discussing more about other areas of Scotland. In the meantime... I am going to tell you all about Glasgow and Beauty, Hairdressing, and Treatments.

A few recommendations firstly, from an earlier blog i mentioned localised trends within the UK, i.e.. scouse-brow etc.  This in now way should effect the Glasgow Beauty Spot. its trending definitely  but by no means a way to pamper yourself. So here are some truly pampering suggestions and recommendations for where to visit when your visiting Glasgow, to make the most of your time here.

Hairdressing - 
The Rainbow Room at George Square. There are several Rainbow rooms located in the Glasgow area, but if your going to splash out (and your going to be splashing out for these prices) then you should be going to the biggest and the best one. Located at the top of George Square, this salon offers great cuts, and depending on the Quality of Hairdresser that you want, ill depend on how much you are going to pay. Hairdressing definitely doesn't come cheap in Glasgow , if you are wanting it well done.Expect to be paying at least £40 for some basic treatment

Beauty Treatments - 

Waxing - 
Designer Waxing  - Hope Street, city centre. Again, a little overpriced, but you will get what you pay for , which is a guaranteed good waxing treatment for every visit, and reliability at every visit, no messing you round, no delays, just need to pop in and make an appointment, and in some circumstances they will take you there and then!Go on their website for a full price list.


Savannah is a great choice if your looking for splashing out and spoiling yourself, especially if your in Glasgow for an event such as a hen party or celebration. Often they have deals on too, so check out wowcher and also 5pm is very helpful too. Definitely book in advance and check out their website for different types of facials, one that is catered to you! 


Nails is my personal favourite treatment to receive, what with not having to go through too much pain, not breaking the bank , and being able to talk all at the same time, it really doesn't have any down sides. Glasgow has a huge choice for Nail Salons, and again, 5pm and wowcher are ideal for hunting down some bargains. But most places are similar in price, it really just depends on where you are when you need a mani/pedi! 


So lastly, what will probably be the most indulgent is the Spa in the City. There are a huge selection of treatments on offer and if you are really wanting top notch, with a guaranteed wow factor, then this is the place to go. In my opinion , and with experience of working in the massage industry, when I pay for a massage I really do want to be impressed by technique. It helps to do your own research and think about what it is your looking for to meet your own needs. I would also recommend on spending a little more and getting them to use Oils on you, it will make it all the more enjoyable. 

In addition to all of these suggestions, and recommendations  for those who prefer to save the pennies, why not contact one of the colleges in Glasgow that offer Beauty Therapy Classes, and ask what treatments they offer, you will still get a treatment and for a fraction of the price!

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Fitness Glasgow Style

Ironically, Glasgow, Scotland even , is not known for being a healthy place in anyway. You can judge that based on the popular food choices I have mentioned in previous posts. So not the healthiest in terms of diet , but what happens to the fitness standards here? and what options will you have when visiting, or living here?
Explore a little and you will see, just like any city, we have marathons and gyms, and exercise classes, but out hill walking  is much more enjoyable for starters, what with amazing views (see below), Outdoor Ice Skating for many months is an option ,and what with Glasgow being a fast growing, modern metropolitan, cosmopolitan City  , there are endless amounts of weird and wonderful classes, such as baby yoga, and also of course, Zumba, fairly new to our nation at least anyway.

Hill walking

Two benefits from Hillwalking, getting fit and seeing beautiful views at the same time.Ben Nevis is definitely one of the most popular places to do hiking in Scotland, located in the western area of the highlands, you can get there by Bus or drive in a few hours. 

Ben Nevis , one of the most scenic places to see in Scotland, worldwide famous for the picturesque views. 


Zumba in Glasgow - Like any other activity in Glasgow, you could Google this and find out the majority of the information you need. What i would suggest though, is definitely shop around, you will get many different variations and see a few different strengths to the teachers, before you can decide where to go regularly, and which ones you can keep up with.


I joined "the gym" Glasgow, which is a 24 hour gym company, a few months back. Excellent choice , not just because of the 24 hours that its available, but the price too at £16 a month you really cannot complain. It doesn't offer all the frills, it literally is just the equipment. Of course there are several other gyms to pick from, there is Pure gym, similar to "the gym" but a bit more pricey , and the Greens gym, which is top notch, double the price, but classes, saunas, and yes all the frills.


 So as I previously mentioned, Baby Yoga is all the rage. There are a few problems with the idea of it, of course screaming babies is the number one problem that springs to mind, but that doesn't seem to effect the mothers here, its very popular. Also , if Exercise classes are your thing, there are "council gyms" which are actually more expesive than those no frill gyms, but they offer classes and swimming too, so they are a great option, and they offer classes like yoga and Spin Cycle too.

Ice Skating

Ice Skating is available all year round, at East Kilbride shopping Centre, and also , the very Famous George Square, at Christmas Time. Much of it in the Festive spirit, and very popular , expect to be waiting in lines for a while before actually getting your skates on. 

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Glasgow Geisha

The term "Glasgow Geisha" is used mostly amongst the students and younger residents of my much beloved town. It relates to the caked up image so much that a face is almost painted on similar to the Geisha that walk in the Okiya in Japan. Not quite as elegant as the real ones but definitely just as glamorous , the Geisha of Glasgow lay it on thick.My friends and I used it as an almost slang term when we were younger , but now rather than being frowned upon , it seems to have caught up on as a trend, much like other UK cities have, such as the famous "scousebrow" in Liverpool (see pictures below) and the "Croyden facelift" which consists of a extremely tight ponytail, so scraped back that it supposedly gives the girl a facelift. I am not one to hide in the daylight myself covered in such heaving amounts of cover up, but I draw the line when the Talcum Powder comes out.Or at least, when going on facebook the following morning, looking over last nights pictures, and noticing my face getting more and more orange as the night went on from the increase in Bronzer applications... 

The Legendery "Scousebrow" (above)

"Croyden Facelift" (Below)

"Geisha" not Glaswegian

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Touring The Toon (town- toon)

The best way and the quickest way to get to know the layout of the city centre in Glasgow is to think of it like a capital I . With Sauchiehall Street being the top bar of the I then buchanan street being the middle line and Argyle street being the bottom bar, this creates a capital I layout.

All three streets are filled to the max with your on trend stores , typical british high street shopping. The main sides on the edges and outskirt s of the town , such as the clyde and then the west end of Glasgow are the two opposite ends of the Glasgow style spectrum from which to enter.

Each side of course has its very own diversity , the west end focuses and targets mainly on students and culture conscience residents of  Glasgow, whereas entering from thesouth-side   , coming over the clyde, is more so being approached by a suburban mix of Glaswegians.

Getting to know Glasgow is about getting your bearings and adjusting to the mode the town is consistently in. We aren't like New York where everyone is in a rush to get to meetings or a Designer sale, we aren't necessarily known for lounging around cafes drinking cappuccinos either. Its mostly, a combination of both, plus tourists from every corner of the earth, plus the hungover students from the previous night, plus First buses at every crossing, and ice rinks at christmas, and all of this big melting pot is just the tip of the iceberg for what you can expect when touring Glasgow.